Youth outreach is a big need in the world today so we are devoted to help address this need, as well as unleash their potential!

Project 8 Days 

Since 2001 our association organizes volunteer camps in Croatia and Bosnia which last approximately 8 days. These camps offer a profound first hand experience through a direct contact with poverty, with aftereffects of the war (1991-1995), and  with situations of extreme hardship. And all that just several hundred kilometres from the “comfort of our homes”. The impression is usually quite shocking and intense. At the same time, it comes with a taste of the ever present hospitality and humanity of the people of these lands. Having had a chance to participate in the various activities, many have found a whole new meaning to their lives as they discover that they too have something to give to others.

The camps include:

  • Training seminars for young volunteers
  • Practical application by visiting institutions and needy families
  • Helping out physically, including smile therapy, painting a mural or fixing up a garden
  • Distributing humanitarian aid
  • Flash Mob Dance and Free Hugs


Here is video, a collection of the accounts of average people and their experiences in our volunteer work in Croatia and Bosnia:

And one more video document, accounts from volunteers who joined us in our projects:

The program of including young people in volunteer projects continues throughout the whole year, including interactive seminars about volunteering in the schools, followed by a practical application in their neighbourhood. A lot of young people take part in such projects and many change their lives for the better, overcome depression, and find a new meaning of life.


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