As you may already know, our volunteers live for others. We have all dedicated our full-time to serving fellows in need daily, and thanks to the help of many, we have been able to go on for years (here at our mission in Croatia since 1996). We are not a big or supported charity with large overheads, but rather spend very little in living expenses, dedicating most of our manpower and materials towards the projects of our mission.

Many of you may wonder, “Who is your sponsor? How do you go on?” Our answer is simple: Thanks to your help as well! We are, hence, extremely grateful for all the help we receive, both big and small, which enables us to continue our service to those who need us most.

Some regularly help by depositing a donation on our bank account. Others give us hospitality on our travels. Yet others donate food, clothes, and household items. Somebody fixes our vehicles for free, others help with various services… and here we lack the space to list all of you who help in one way or another, and all the little deeds of kindness that have helped us go on during these past few years. Thank you from all our hearts, and may God bless you!