Our humanitarian assistance has taken many forms since the onset of our work, first with refugees and displaced persons after the Croatian war of independence (1991-1995), later on has continued on with truly needy families starting their new lives in Vojnić and Karlovac as well as around Rijeka area. The economical crisis added a new dimension to the visits of needy families.

Since the earthquake in central Croatia at the end of 2020, we have been also involved in distributing aid and bringing hope and encouragement to the people of the affected area.

We work with a broad base of local and international foundations with similar aims.

Another aspect of our assistance is helping to raise the standard of living and working conditions in institutions which don’t have enough resources towards that end – from gardening and simple handyman jobs, to painting rooms and hallways. With the help of various volunteers we try to create a nicer space for people to live and work in.


Other News on our Humanitarian Projects:

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