Our Volunteer Center “Home” has been open since 2013. It was built near Rijeka, Croatia, with the help of many. Thank you, everyone, who played a part, big or small, in making this dream come true!

The objectives of our center are:

  1. To provide accommodations for participants of our volunteer summer camps.
  2. To give a possibility to everyone, including single families, to live and experience “volunteer tourism”.
  3. To offer a platform for other types of initiatives (seminars, training courses, animations, etc.)
  4. To have a bigger space for our storage of humanitarian aid supplies.
  5. To provide space for recreation, games, fun, as well as education for children, teenagers and adults from the various institutions that we’ve been working with for many years.


This video shows the building progress from the start till the end of 2013:

In 2017 we added the second floor. The center is complete now and has been used for its purpose since.


Other News on our Center Projects:

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