History of Murals – Institution Improvement

Mostar 1996

Villaggio Violino in Brescia, Italy 2001

Val Trompia June 2006

Le Forette, Verona 2004

Dom Za Odgoj - delinquent centre, 2004

Dom Za Odgoj dining room mural

Rijeka Korzo (walking street), 2006

Kantrida Childrens' hospital in Rijeka, 2007

Brajda school for disabled children, June 2007

Inside of the gate.

Rijeka Jail - visiting room, February 2008

Rijeka Jail - finished children's corner

Dom Turnić, February 2008

Dom Turnić Feb 2008

Another Mural

Kantrida Children's Hospital, Rijeka. March 2008

Finished Mural

Projection of Mural - Cloz, Italy June 2008

Cloz in production.

Cloz - finished product!

Mural with younger children - Muggia, Italy. June 2008

Mural on small panels.

Trento project - July 2008

Trento mural - evening meeting with youth.

2nd mural finished.

3rd mural

4th mural

Summer Camp, August 2008 - Dom za Odgoj

Another wall finished

Repainting the rooms.

Satisfied volunteers.

Another picture.

Požega September 2008

Preparing the wall for painting.

Finished product.

Dom za Odgoj - January 2009 Camp

One of the finished walls.

Rab Psychiatric hospital, February 2009 (In spite of the rain, the show must go on!)

Cleaning the courtyard where mural was done.

Volunteers and patients who helped with finished product!

Summer Camp August 2009 - Dom za Odgoj

Another wall completed.

In the meantime, the men worked on the institute's garden.

Thirty years' worth of gardening to be done! Whew!

Painting the inside of the dom.

Painting the walls of Koraci.

Outside table at Dom Turnić, August 2009

Lovran Orphanage - January 2009. Maggie preparing the colors

These pictures are taken from Grandpa Jakes Storybooks

Work is finished and team completed.

Outside wall of orphanage.

New volunteer - Elena, a Romanian doctor working in Rijeka.

It was very cold.

Visiting the Poor

June 2007 Camp - Love for a refugee child at 'Kamp Gaza', Karlovac

Visit to Mostar, April 2009

Jafet and family - he was made blind by a land mine

Summer Camp August 2009 - humanitarian aid for Vojnić

Family visitation in Vojnić

Cutting wood in Vojnić

Sisak House Project, August 2009 - Dismantling the old.

Clearing the land

Transporting the rubble.

Adding another floor.